Who We Are

Who We Are
The company has a board and management teams. There are two main departments that handle the core business of the company. These are the consultancy and training departments.
    The consultancy department handles issues related to market research, KAP surveys, needs assessment surveys, data analysis, management consultancy, business analysis and process improvement.
    The training department provides statistical training in SPSS, STATA, LISREL, AMOS and PLS.
Our Mission
    To be a leading market research institution providing the best experience for our clients
    To be a leading provider of data analysis services for companies, NGOs and researchers including students and academics.
    To be a leading statistical training provider in emerging markets.
Our Values
We value exceptional people with intelligence, passion, energy and commitment to excellence. We are authentic, creative and supportive.  Our data analysis team use modern and state of the art technologies to deliver strategic insights that drive growth.
Our Vision
To be a world leader in management and research consultancy providing the best experience for clients and industry.
Our Purpose
Our purpose is to provide excellent research services delivering value for money and making lasting contributions to our clients, industry and the global community.